Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scalloped Gift Cones

I am in the mood for Christmas and the handmade gift making has begun. I promised I'd post a free template Thursday of this week - well, I'm a day early because the potluck I thought I was going to this Friday was actually for Thursday. So here it is, a day early. I included a couple of free patterned cones too in case you liked them. Simply download the template I provide here, copying it off to a size you prefer. Print it on to a piece of patterned paper you buy from a craft/art shop or add your own pattern if you are more graphically inclined. I use 80# silk laid card stock from Wausau Paper in bright white - but you can print it on to anything you can get to go through your own printer. There are very faint scoring guidelines outside the main blue dieline from the bottom point going up to the left and right. Score these two lines and fold outward - it forms a flap which you can either hole punch and tie together for a looser cone or glue first, then hole punch and tie a ribbon through for a tighter hold. I edged mine in a gold pen - use silver, bronze, colored or none - whatever you prefer. You might even want to glitter part of your image if you print the template on to your own patterned paper. Fill them with candies, small gifts or whatever you prefer. The template can be used for other holidays and occasions too such as birthdays, Valentines Day, wedding showers, Halloween, etc. Have fun with it!!

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  1. They're so beautiful!
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