Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Gift tags

I enjoyed designing these holiday gift tags and I hope you enjoy downloading and using them on your packages this year!

I added details and magic with glitters and a gold leafing pen.

There's no accounting for colors when you take the image on to the web and then download it elsewhere - might have to adjust color on your end - same with size!

The tags are all within 3" x 4" or there-abouts but make them whatever size you prefer.


  1. Paula thank you so much for the beautiful images on your gift tags and cones. I have downloaded them and plan on using them on my packages this year. You are a fabulous designer/artist in every sense of the word and I appreciate your sharing..what a gift it is! Happy Holidays to you and Scott. Linda Martens

  2. Hi Linda!!
    I am so glad you are reading my blog and I am so happy you will use the tags too!

    I'll have some more free downloads for the holidays, including one or two added this Thursday. Stay tuned.

    And thank you so much for the compliment, it means so much to me.