Friday, January 21, 2011

Flowers to Lighten the Mood of Winter

Right about now I start to get spring fever. I start to look through the seed catalogs and dream of squeezing one more lilac or hydrangea somewhere in the yard! I also begin to buy flowers for each room - sometimes I will carry a favorite bouquet with me through the house so I can look at them constantly - maybe I should rig a jar on a rope to carry over my neck like the Bill Murray's character Bob did with his gold fish in "What About Bob"! LOL I went to the flower market Tuesday when I took the day off. The Met Market on top of Queen Anne hill has the best flower selection in town. The day was wet, cold and gray-dreary so the flowers on the outside stands glowed with color. I chose red and white roses for my friend Cathy, red tulips for my friend Scott and for me I chose pale blue and white hydrangeas which ended up on the coffee table in the living room (so the kitties could easily reach them to drink out of - can't stop them from doing it so I might as well make it easier to reach so they don't tip them over!) and a small bunch of pink tea roses which stayed on the table so I can look at them as I eat breakfast and dinner each day. So lovely!! I'm really feeling the need for spring now - luckily we're in for warmer and sunnier weather for the next 5 days.

I just love them and they make me smile each time I pass them by.

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  1. Your flowers do lighten the mood! Very pretty, my favs too!