Friday, January 21, 2011

Library Wallpaper

I still need to work on the smaller bedroom which I now call the library. It currently has sunny yellow walls but the room does not fit into the rest of the house's blue & white scheme. I already hung the glass chandelier in there and swapped some of the clear crystal drops out for cobalt blue ones. (inexpensive glass chandeliers are from - paid $88 for a four-arm 17" chandelier).

I would love to wallpaper the room in some dramatic pattern. I found this paisley wallpaper online. The book its from is called "Cottage English" and the paper is $27.75 per single roll. Its a bit out of my budget range right now (my bedroom wallpaper was only $10 per single roll) but if I can swing it later this year, I might send for it!

The library room is smaller but light and bright/facing south and west, so I think it can carry the pattern. The blue is the right shade of blue too...goes well with denim and Atmosphere Blue from Restoration Hardware.

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