Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drama at Home

I LOVE blue & white but when I decorate with it, I always use white as my main color for furniture or wallpaper, cabinets and fabrics because I am crazy about Swedish Gustavian style and the lightness of the whole look.

  This NYC penthouse might be your ticket if you are loving blue but don't want to go the white accent/furniture route.  From Architectural Digest, January 2011, featured was the penthouse of a NYC interior designer and her husband.
   I think it is stunning!  The use of black was almost shocking when I first saw the photos but the more I studied them, the more it grew on me!  I LOVE how they used Chinoiserie furniture too - probably antique pieces as this was very popular in 18th C European homes.

What do you think?
The use of blue & white china throughout really brightens the rooms and makes the pieces stand out even more, I think, then they would against white.
The blue they use for upholstery is a soft baby blue, accented by pink.  Love that pink tufted footstool in the master bedroom, as well as the pink flowers on the baby blue wallpapers.  All that use of baby blue and pink is very sweet but when paired with black and gold Chinoiserie furniture, it becomes dramatic and very sophisticated!!
If I didn't have all my furniture already white, I'd be quite happy to go this route...

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