Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Summertime, Summertime"

"...and the livin' is easy."

Well, here in Seattle we are still dreaming of it because with the cold, wet weather we have right now, it seems a ways off yet despite being one week into June!
(but, truth be told - I would take this wet weather and our verdant mountain and valleys over the rest of the country's dry, hot, brown, drought-stricken conditions any day!)
Here are a few dreamy visions of how a laid back summer life could be if we actually had summer weather (and I wasn't having to break out my fleece jackets or wool sweaters which I thought I had safely put in storage until fall)!  LOL
 A bowl of ripe cherries and a vintage bottle of fresh, cool water is the perfect mid-afternoon refresher between jaunts to the beach or exploring the nearby fields.
 What a wonderfully simple summer cottage kitchen with the blue and white cabinets and open shelving to display what one needs to live a carefree summer life - only the essentials!
 A Swedish blind in white linen is the perfect window dressing for a summer cottage.
 I LOVE the use of blue and white stripes in this summer cottage setting. It keeps everything fesh and casual with no fussiness.
 I'd like to nap her on a hot day with nothing to do
 A tranquil place where you can be alone with your thoughts
 This hammock is dressed better then my bed!
I LOVE this Swedish Gustavian style white lawn furniture...wish it were easier to find in the U.S.

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