Wednesday, April 6, 2016

May Day Weekend Studio Tour is Looming!

On May Day weekend (April 30th and May 1st/Saturday and Sunday), I will be participating in the "Arts North! Studio Tour".
Here's the link:

Arts North Studio Tour in North Seattle

I was going to be hosting a couple different artists but there is always a drop out rate so I'm down to one now, but she does beautiful and unusual pet portraits!

I will feature my fabric designs on soft home furnishings.
Some of the items I'll have for sale include large square pillows, rectangle pillows and sweet, heart-shaped pillows (perfect for Mother's Day).
Each pillow has a linen or cotton removable cover that is washable.

Fabric swatch covered, A2 sized greeting cards with appliqu├ęs and buttons.

Hand sewn scarves in both square neckerchief size or long and thin for wrapping around your neck several times.  They come in cottons, silk crepe de chines, poly crepe and poly satins.

Tea Towels in a range of colors and styles, from pastels to bright retro colors!  They are 55% linen and 45% cotton, are super absorbent and so pretty, you might just use them for display.

Lampshades in a couple of shapes and sizes.  From small barrel shaped to medium barrels, small cone shaped to mediums.  Covered in cottons and linen, to match my tea towels, tabletops and pillows!

Heart-shaped sachets in linen, filled with organic lavender from France and Oregon.

Cotton aprons in a couple of different styles, made from retro patterns!

Tabletoppers in linen cotton canvas.  A yard of the linen cotton is hemmed and finished, for use as a simple topper for any table.  Just enough to add color and pattern over an existing plain tablecloth or over a table that needs some softening up and color.

Framed prints on linen cotton canvas.  My watercolor tea pots, cups and accessories printed on linen cotton canvas, in a mat and a white frame.  Or my acrylic painted plates on linen cotton canvas, also matted and in a cottage white frame - ready to hang and enjoy!

If you're local, I'd love to see you there!!
It should be a warm weekend and I guarantee most of my lilacs will be in bloom by then!

Capetian Toile in sorbet, heart shaped pillow in production

Lake Maria Summer Roses heart pillow in cotton poplin

Capetian Toile in sorbet pink, for a heart shaped pillow cover

Edwina in blueberry, linen cotton tea towel

Elsa linen cotton tea towel

Emily in sorbet pink, linen cotton tea towel

LilyOake Studio fabric covered greeting cards

Wonderfully romantic heart shaped accent pillows, with piping and ruffles!

LilyOake Studio fabric covered greeting cards

LilyOake Studio fabric covered greeting cards

Tea towels on linen cotton canvas, in an assortment of colors and patterns

LilyOake Studio's display hutch is filling up with delicious soft home furnishings

An assortment of delicious scarves, tablecloths and framed linen prints in LilyOake Studio

Sewing linen cotton tea towels. All my soft home furnishings are sewn by hand, by me.

Elvis tea towel in blueberry blue linen cotton canvas

Isolde and Edwina linen cotton canvas tea towels

Isolde or Edwina linen cotton canvas tea towels

An assortment of line cotton canvas tea towels  

Linen cotton canvas covered cards

Rosewitha in peony pink

Rosewitha in peony pink

Rosewitha in peony pink

Saint Colette jJune Roses heart pillow in production.

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