Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tabletopper Cloths

One way I have learned to show off some of my fabric designs and sell it, is to order an entire yard on the linen cotton canvas and hem it all around to make a simple decorative cloth I call a "tabletopper".

Its an easy way to add color and pattern to a table without committing to a full table cloth.
Its easy to change and launder and can be laid down the center, off to the side or on an end of a table as an accent.

With my studio tour looming close, I decided to wash up sample yards of my precious linen cotton canvas and make them available as tabletoppers.  I sold most of them at my last 2 studio tours so its time for new ones!

Picnic at Tilbury Beach in aqua

Saint Elfswythe Tartan in sorbet pink

Rose d'ete Trellis in sorbet pink

Picnic at Lake Slottsskogan in blueberry

Emma Toile in sorbet pink

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